Fiona Hodgetts

Growing up in East Anglia, Fiona has been influenced by the vast skylines, agricultural terrain, sunsets and seascapes that typify the area.

Fiona initially started her art journey with watercolours then acrylics but her preferred medium now is oils. Having studied art at school it is only in the past 10 years that she has begun painting again. She has studied oil painting with the Norfolk Painting School of the renowned artist Martin Kinnear. Her work features in local exhibitions.

Fiona specialises in producing atmospheric, moody, expressive and impressionistic work.

She is frequently drawn back to the extraordinary light and skies of Norfolk but also likes to paint the beautiful colours of the South of France.

Using her own photos and a few simple line and tonal sketches made on location, Fiona will use these in the studio to paint a grisaille or underpainting in oil. Adding glazes in colour she allows the painting to evolve and very quickly the initial photos/sketches are forgotten as the picture develops itself. Sometimes the painting may need a little deconstruction and reconstruction to create textures and depth.

Memories of place become symbolic of an internal landscape of emotions inspired by the beauty and forces of nature.

Beata Orosz

Beata was born and raised in a Hungarian family in Komarno, a beautiful and historic town in Slovakia. After studying fashion design Beata went on to study interior design in Budapest, Hungary. Upon moving to England in 1999 to further develop her career, she continued in her pursuit of excellence, graduating with first-class honours from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University.

Beata has demonstrated an artistic talent and flair throughout her formative years with an absolute passion for drawing and painting that is evident in her ability to create timeless works of art.

Working professionally as an Architectural Designer, Beata has continued to immerse herself in her true passion for creativity with work that is expressive, emotional and in every way unique. 

Regularly addressing commissioned works of art, Beata has worked for a range of clients, from private collectors to Art Galleries on an exclusive basis, where her eye for detail and Architectural appreciation compliment her work, and ensured she became a best selling Artist. 

“I will always push my own personal creative boundaries to a point where my skills align and evolve.” Beata Orosz

Emma Perring

Emma is an oil painter with a passion for 'plein air'. She has  adapted techniques learnt during two years of classical art training to fit the immediacy needed to capture a scene on location.

When out painting it's all about trying to get down the essence of the scene. Light, mood, structure and action are just some of the components that make 'plein air' painting challenging and irresistible. Not to mention she love the places painting takes her.

In the studio, Emma works on Still life set ups, often floral in nature. With these there is more time and less distraction than out in the field. But Emma still loves to work in the same 'alla prima' style.

Emma has exhibited in London and further afield. Past exhibitions include the Society of Botanical Artist and Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries London. Chelsea Art Society Open at Chelsea Old Town Hall and Drawn to London at Bermondsey project space . Emma has also gained various prizes in 'plein air' painting competitions.


Lesley recalls fond childhood memories of many hours spent drawing and painting in the ‘art room’ with her siblings, under the tutelage of her mother, a highly regarded artist and teacher.  Whilst showing an early, natural ability to create imaginative artwork, Lesley veered her creativity instead to dramatic arts, developing a passion for musical theatre performance and direction and later, dance.

Many years later, realising that “something was missing” in her life, Lesley came across her son’s old school sketch book and started to draw again on the blank pages and the missing link was solved. Charcoal sketching quickly became “something I had to do every day” and from this, as Lesley’s imagination and confidence grew, she started to produce artwork in acrylics.

Now, when asked, Lesley humbly volunteers that she “paints a bit”. This is somewhat of an understatement; Lesley paints most days, finding inspiration and energy from ever changing skies and the beautiful countryside views surrounding her home in the Cotswolds and the atmospheric coastlines of her former home in the West Country, which she frequently returns to.  

Lesley works quickly on canvases, applying layer upon layer of colour and enjoying the “freedom and flow” of her favoured medium, acrylics. Her original and striking, contemporary landscapes and seascapes are vivid in colour capturing the emotions and feelings the sky, sea and land impress on her.

Richard Gower

Gower studied at Batley College of Art in the 1980’s where he specialised in fine art and sculpture. Over the years Gower has developed a unique style with his ‘Reflections’ series but throughout his career Gower has painted in a variety of styles, taking inspiration from Modern Masters such as Sickert, Monet, Picasso and Bacon. Over the past few years he has developed a recognisable painting technique finding great success with his ‘Reflections’ work. 

Gower has enjoyed sell-out group and solo shows in Central London art galleries, with many of his works now in private collections across the UK, Europe and the US. He has also worked on a number of private commissions, including family portraits, a London cityscape for the Lord Mayor of Westminster, a bespoke commission for the Duchess of York and Purdey Guns to name but a few. Observation are key to Gower’s practice. Capturing moments in sport or day to day life.

In 2017 Richard Gower painted a portrait of HRH Prince Phillip’s last official engagement which is now held in The Royal Collection.

Clive Nichols - Photographer

One of Europe’s leading garden photographers, Clive has photographed many of the world's best gardens, including His Majesty The King's own private garden in Scotland, Lord Rothschild's private garden in Corfu and Lord Heseltine's private garden in Oxfordshire. 

His passion for the subject comes across in every image that he makes.

His work has appeared in hundreds of books as well as in countless magazines, calendars and brochures. Clive regularly gives master classes in flower and garden photography for The Royal Horticultural Society.

Clive regularly gives workshops on plant & garden photography across the UK.

Martyn Jones

Martyn Jones is a contemporary painter who works from his studio based in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. Jones graduated M.A. Fine Art, at Chelsea School of Art, London and was awarded Junior Fellowship at Bath Academy of Art. Among his tutors were the British artists Patrick Heron and Adrian Heath.

His works are abstract, but the inspiration and basis for them are found in reality and the world around me. His experiences of the world are the prime material for abstraction, employing his personal alphabet of shapes and colour. His responses are really a stream of consciousness that he hopes evokes the way in which he sees the world,  always as a place of beauty. He celebrates vibrations or sound through the use of colour in painting. However,  sometimes works in silence, listening to the noise of the natural world and this again informs the shapes and colours that used.

A further sense comes in the use of saturated colour that you can almost taste. Jones paints expanses of colour but within these are small jewel-like accents of bright glimmering ultramarine, umber, violet or viridian creating deep sumptuous chromatic blacks on the canvas. Turquoise is often used and is a tranquil colour, transcendent, quiet and deep. One key motif in his work is the apparent chalk line. He see these as precious and fragile, it is time-consuming to achieve. They seem to be simple, a gesture made by a child in chalk, and Jones feels that he captures the spontaneity of a child’s drawing with them, however, these lines cannot be created with a single or continuous brushstroke, they are painstakingly made with a tiny brush. The overall effect has a sense of immediacy, but the creative process is very different to this.

Ultimately, his is searching for something unobtainable, a calm tranquillity, an impossible form of transcendence, a perfect existence and that is what brings him back to the canvas.

Debbie Morris

I paint contemporary landscapes and seascapes, primarily in acrylic, from my home in the Cotswolds.

I have had a love and understanding of the sea and the natural world around me for as long as I can remember. I translate my feelings of the landscape through paint. I do not just copy the view, but also deconstruct the whole view, concentrate on details of cloud formations, grasses, lines and colours on pebbles, rocks, shells, seaweed, ancient dry-stone walls, drover’s routes etc and reconstruct them

“It is such a privilege to be able to be alone in the landscape, the remoteness, the feeling of space and solitude. To be able to connect with the landscape and fully immerse myself. This is where I draw my inspiration from, this is where I belong.”

“Whilst walking through the landscape, I am constantly absorbing thoughts images and moments in time using all my senses. All these elements will become layered and preserved in my paintings.”

The social history of a place is hugely important to me, who lived and worked on the land and sea.

Debbie Morris, born 1964, is a descendant of William Morris (1834-1896) Arts and Crafts textile designer, poet and novelist, and Jane Morris (1839-1914) Arts and Crafts embroiderer and artist’s mode

“I live and breathe art. If I am not painting, I am constantly thinking about it – It is in my blood”.

Laura Dunmow

Laura Dunmow originally trained as a graphic designer and, for many years, ran a design consultancy. Twelve years ago, she took the leap of faith and returned to her childhood passion for drawing and painting.  

Laura’s inspiration is immersed in the classical oil painting style that centres around the aesthetic values of colour and unity of space. Her distinctive painting style is influenced by Turner's use of light and interpreted brush strokes that convey the atmosphere, exploring expansive vistas that connect directly with her experiences.  

Combining her love of travel with adventure, her paintings are composed of an extensive image library - a collection of cloud formations above land and sea, observing how the natural light interacts with the textural landscapes below. A fusion of various elements builds the paintings' composition, illuminating stories of nature's atmosphere and drama -  journeys created to invite you in.  

Oils are Laura's favourite medium, the creamy, luxurious texture and deep colour pigmentations are perfect for the various methods employed when applying to canvas. Layers of coloured glazes ensure that the final painting comes 'alive'. These final additions create intrigue and depth for each bespoke piece of art,  enhanced for your home. oil painting art original art

Claire Louise

Claire is an artist and designer from Durham in the North-East. As a child, Claire was immersed in arts and crafts and so began her creative journey. Her creativity led her to take a degree in fashion and she graduated in 2007 with 1st Class honours.

In the same year, she was short-listed for the SDC (Society of Dyers and Colourists) Textile & Colour Award at Graduate Fashion Week and her hand-painted silk scarves were short-listed for London Fashion Week.

Working with mixed mediums of water-colours, fabrics and machine embroidery, Claire’s designs have merged with the world of greetings cards, homeware and personal beauty care. And, with stockists such as John Lewis, Fenwick, Hoopers and large independent retailer’s such as Blackwells, Kew Gardens, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Chester Zoo, La Philharmonic Store, The Glasshouse International Centre For Music and JG Windows, Claire is quickly becoming popular in the industry. Claire was a Henries finalist in 2013 for Most Young Promising Designer and in 2022 for Best Art Range. Claire has also made the Brands Untapped 100 in the Brand Category for 2023. Claire is also working with some major online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon, and supplies her work to a number of large Charities such as CLIC- Sargent, Daisychain & Weldmar Hospice. Claire has recently illustrated a cat design for PDSA to go on their wonderful new gift range and are sold across the UK in PDSA charity shops and online.

Claire is also fortunate to work with different creative industries. Her range of exclusive hairbrushes are sold in prestigious Ozzie Rizzo Salons in Mayfair and Richmond and her artworks are featured in TV shows and a blockbuster movie due for release in Autumn 2017. 

Her work is available for licensing and is already seen on a range of ceramics, candles, apparel, tech, home-wares and gift-ware.

Her creative journey continues in her studio in Durham

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